Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday Roundup

Is it just me or does July ALWAYS come as a surprise? It's as though I have no idea whatsoever that, yes, June will inevitably end. For me, July 1st is like the universe's way of grabbing my shoulders, giving me a good, hard shake and encouraging me to get out there and log as many picnics, beach days, irresponsible nights and glasses of rosé as are humanly possible before Labor Day. And yet, here we are at mid-summer and at another Friday round-up...

Exactly two years ago this week Jay and I were in the South of France. It was everything. We took long drives on narrow roads that hugged the edges of steep, stony hillsides. We happened upon the most amazing gem of a village on the Italian border where we dined outside at a small rattan table, took in the heavenly views of the azure sea and ate the most tender, melt-in-your mouth, pillowy gnocchi that have ever touched my tongue. The simple beachy image featured above instantly transported me right back to our first afternoon spent wandering down the Promenade de la Croisette in Cannes...

But back here in reality, my current concern is locating a large black and white print to fill a large white frame we recently purchased for a giant empty wall in our kitchen. This gorgeous Parisian print is simple, clean and a perfect balance of both modern and nostalgic. (Anyone know where a girl can buy a copy?) 

There are three things I can guarantee in the summer. At any given moment, you will find me in 1) a killer hat, 2) some classic sandals or 3) something made of chambray. Often, you will find me in some combination of the three. I'm a chambray junkie, so this easy summer outfit -- which I plan to replicate for all this weekend's BBQ festivities -- absolutely screams my name.

Weekday mornings in our house always begin with a good, satisfying smoothie. However, my recent banana, cinnamon, honey, summer berry version has been growing a bit tired. I plan on mixing things up next week with this gorgeous Sesame and Orange recipe (and can we talk about that close up shot! Amazing.). 

It's true: there is an entire shelf in our bathroom cabinet stocked with some beautifully-scented, all-nautral J.R. Watkins room sprays. And yet, last week, I could not resist testing out this "recipe" for D.I.Y. Herbal Room SprayFor days, our entire house smelled like fresh lemon and sage. 

Happy Fourth! I'll be back next week with some shop updates as well as a pretty amazing recipe for Herby Potato Salad with Thai Basil and Garlic Scapes. In the meantime, feel free to click here, or here, or here, or maybe even here or here for some simple, last minute BBQ-ready recipes. 

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